Bubbacue Relaunch

Bubbacue, Callendar Street, Belfast

So I was over the moon to be invited to the relaunch of Bubbacue on Tuesday evening. After its pop-up beginnings back in 2012 it quickly became the cult place-to-go, but now it was time to firmly establish itself as a permanent fixture of Belfast’s busy restaurant scene.

Bubbacue have mastered the art of ‘smoked slow, served fast’. Their fresh high quality cuts of meat are given the ground spice mix treatment, placed in the smoker and slow cooked to perfection. The meat along with the sides and even the sauces are prepared in house fresh every day by the team, headed up by Executive Chef Gerard McGivern.

A new menu has been developed with a kind of ‘build your own’ concept. You pick your style, pick you meat or the new veggie option, pick how you want it and pick your sides and any extras, it’s as simple as that.


First of all we got a taster of Bubbacue’s succulent chicken wings coated in a nice spicy sauce with blue cheese dip, fantastic. To drink, a choice of beers including the restaurant’s very own ‘Bubbabrew’ developed by the folks at Boundary Brewery on the Newtownards Road in East Belfast. It’s a real crowd pleaser, crisp and light, it went well with all the food.

We were then given a real treat and shown up close how the cuts of meat are smoked, pulled, prepped and readied for us to eat. Carnivore heaven! Very fitting in the month of celebrating Northern Ireland meat.

The patience, time and experience put into cooking the meat really came through in it’s taste. Soft, tender and gorgeous. I went for a beef brisket sandwich with all the trimmings and BBQ beans on the side. The choice of sauces on the table ran from sweet through to spicy and I would urge you to try each of them. I particularly liked the sweet and sticky Memphis, perfect with the brisket. The smokey BBQ beans were yet another flavour to throw into the mix. The mac ‘n’ cheese also looked great as did the fries.

A great event. A chance to meet some foodie folk and fellow bloggers (including at long last the Belfast Food Blogger, watch out for his post…). Great food, drink and entertainment. Get along and experience Bubbacue for yourself. It’s the place to go for fast, casual, high quality, affordable and most of all, tasty food.

Thank you so much to General Manager John Blisard, Exec Chef Gerard and the team at Bubbacue. And also to JPR and Jane for the Invite. Will be back for more BBQ bliss and a Bubbabrew again soon.


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