The Fat Gherkin

The Fat Gherkin, Main Street, Moira

So a wee trip to Moira for the food fair and after a whiz round the stalls and a sample of the fine local food on offer, the elements took a turn for the worse and we decided to take shelter somewhere in the town. Into the Fat Gherkin we went and after a short wait we were seated. The place was very busy, more than usual because of the food fair.


We were after something quick. Scones had sold out so it was a bacon bap for Nic and I. The big Son spied a Minions cup cake on the way in and the little one had a wee pancake to throw about the place.

Service was good considering the crowd and the staff couldn’t have been more polite. The food was very nice and arrived quite quickly which suited us. Loads of Hannan’s bacon, rocket, tangy relish and sourdough bread. Suki tea to wash it down.

A nice way to end an all but too brief a visit to this  little hub of fancy food.