Recipe | Chilli Home Fries & Eggs

Right, time for a wee recipe on the blog. The lovely folks at Sauce Works in Crossgar sent me some samples of their sauces. A few cooking sauces, original mayo and the gorgeous taco mayo.

Feeling inspired, I wanted to get cooking straight away. Unfortunately our food shop happens at the weekend, so I rummaged together what I could and made this little dish.

10-12 White Potatoes, large green pepper, large white onion, jalapeños, chilli flakes, salt, ground black pepper, Sauce Works tomato & chilli sauce.

How to Make

Scrub and cut the potatoes into medium/large chunks and boil in salted water until soft.

– Whilst the potatoes are cooking, slice the pepper, peel and roughly cut the onion and roast in the oven.

– Drain the cooked spuds and allow to cool slightly while you heat a little oil in a pan.

– Fry the potatos for a few minutes stirring often, add the pepper, onion, chilli flakes, and jalapeños and fry for a further few minutes, again, stir regularly.

– Add the tomato & chilli sauce, just enough to coat the mixture, stir in and add a little more. This would be enough sauce for me but you can add more if you like.

– Heat the mixture through and dish out. Serve with fried eggs.

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