Mouth of the Sandbanks – A Tour of Belfast City Hall


Something a little different on the blog. A non-foodie post, but as I mention in my about page I’ll throw one of these out there every now and again.

So on previous posts I’ve went on (and on and on…) about Belfast City Hall. How stunning a building it is and how lucky we are to have it in the middle if our Capital.

Yesterday I finally got round to taking the tour. These are run daily at various times throughout the day and last around 45 minutes. Whether you live in Belfast or your visiting from anywhere at all, it is definitely time well spent and best of all its free!. A wee mention for our guide, Ciara who was excellent, engaging and informative.

Here’s a collection of pics from the tour which I hope you enjoy, but to appreciate fully you must go and see it for yourself (you will also learn the reason for the title of this post).

You can find out more information on the Belfast City Council website at the link below.

The Halls

The Robe Room

The Council Chamber

The Reception Room

The Banquet Hall

The Great Hall & The Way Out

Outside & Current Exhibition

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