A Trip to Alcudia, Mallorca

So I’ve just returned from a week on the beautiful Island of Mallorca. Our ratio was 6 grown ups and 5 kids (depending on who you ask) which is why I’ve called this a trip as opposed to a holiday. Suffice it to say whilst I love my boys more than anything they are to put it politely, a handful sometimes.

The very nice Alcudia Pins was our home for seven nights. Lots of pools with slides, clean, recently refurbished rooms with good aircon and the stunning beach on our doorstep.All you could ask for.

The busy Port of Alcudia (New Town) is around 8km away and the bus journey can be a little warm, chaotic and a arduous at around 20-30 minutes in what is normally heavy traffic. You could of course get a taxi but we would’ve needed 3 each time and buses were very regular. A visit to the Port is a must though, to see the marina and another gorgeous beach along which sit numerous trendy restaurants and cafes with Al Fresco dining  in full flow complete with grand view.

There are however plenty of other shops and eateries closer to Alcudia Pins in the nearby Playa de Mura less than 10 minutes drive away.

Generally things here are in the medium to high price range. If you’re self catering as we were, you can stock up in the many supermarkets (almost all EuroSpar) for a reasonable amount. Some restaurants can be a little pricey and if you’re using public transport to get about, the expense can mount up.

Food wise you’ll find many familiar brands here which you’d find at home which isn’t surprising given the amount if ex-pats living on the island. There are also a lot of local products including some Deli products I discovered in a supermarket near the hotel.

One big highlight is the market, held each Tuesday and Sunday right by the City walls and selling out into the surrounding streets. A nice setting for this traders get together which is very popular with both tourists and locals alike.

The stalls were interspersed with little cafes and ice cream parlours where you could sit and have a bite to eat and be a spectator of of all the hustle & bustle of the market. We partook in this for a short while where I finally got my first decent cup of coffee since arriving.

Among the wares being bought sold and bartered for were a frightening amount of bags hats and belts, souvenirs of all shapes and sizes, jewellery,clothes and most notably a huge selection of locally grown fruit and veg. There also featured a gentleman selling freshly pressed orange from what else but, a giant orange. We spent most of the morning walking about old town Alcudia, the market runs from 8am until around 2pm.

Eating out you will find something to suit all tastes from traditional tapas to Chinese, Italian, American Diner, and Fish and Chips with everywhere catering for kids apart from perhaps some of the high end fine dining places.  Some even have a play area for the little ones which was a God send for us.

So a terrific week swimming in the pool, lunch on the balcony, a wee drink during the day (beer o’clock) but most importantly, hot weather, over indulgence and time with family & friends.


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