World Chocolate Day at Co Couture

So today is indeed World Chocolate Day! An excuse if ever there was one needed to nibble, munch, indulge or just have a wee binge on our preferred cocoa concoction.

I though it was an appropriate time to make my first visit to Co Couture in Chichester Street, Belfast. Quite a disgrace that I’d never ventured in there before but down the little stairway I went and under the low arch. To be met with the most amazing smell! In fact if smell-o-vision was a real thing I wouldn’t need to write a single word as the aroma alone is convincing enough. This was going to be fun!

The shop is quiet and classy with a smartly dressed friendly team to recommend and serve up some seriously good chocolate, all of which is sourced from Madagascar and hand made in small batches in house. Hot chocolate, bars of large, small and miniature size and selection of individual sweets including some award winning flavours.

I went for a wee bag full of the sweets as recommended by Megan in the shop. Mint androgen, brownie bite, dark caramel, Irish whisky truffle (my personal favourite) and salted caramel were among my choices. Of course, each tasted fantastic. The mint and honey is one of the award winning flavours and is also dairy free.

Anyone who loves their chocolate will find themselves right at home in this little treasure trove.of treats.

Co Couture Website –

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