NI Year of Food & Drink – July to September 2016

So i’m quite excited about the next few months of 2016. As well as accomplishing lots of home & family stuff during this time, the NI Year of Food and Drink also has some great themes for the Summer/Autumn months that particularly float my boat.

This month looks at our Seas, Rivers and Loughs. We’ve already had ‘EelEat’ week prompting a slippery slide into a month of maritime madness. I had the pleasure of trying eel for the first time last week at the very classy Deane’s Love Fish. Read my previous post ‘Tweet, Meet and EelEat’ for the full story.

Now I don’t want to wish my life away but this is probably the month I’m looking forward to the most. Definitely of the adventurous carnivorous kind I’ll be taking full advantage of August being a celebration of NI meat.

Moving into the autumn and Bread & Baking month. Buns, scones, cakes and traybake a plenty and of course lots of home grown Norn Iron breadiness to celebrate with soda, potato and wheaten to name but a few.

‘Our wee country’ is a mighty food & drink producing force and deserves the recognition as such. For the rest of this celebratory year at least, take the opportunity to delve into something home grown, immerse yourself in the NI Year of Food and Drink even just for a while and enjoy!

Information on the NI Year of Food and Drink can be found on the Taste of Ulster Food NI website at (images used taken from this website).

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