Tweet, Meet and EelEat

Deane’s Love Fish, Howard Street, Belfast

So i’m a big fan of Twitter, among other things it’s a great way for local businesses to connect and promote themselves. One way of doing this is taking part in ‘Twitter hours’ one of which is the #nistartupshour every Tuesday from 9pm.

Now I’m not exactly a startup business but I do like to try new cafes, restaurants and produce from local businesses so I do tend to gatecrash #nistartupshour when I blog about these. Having done so I was lucky enough to be invited to a ‘TweetMeetEat’ event. This was to coincide with ‘EelEat’ week where Lough Neagh Fisherman’s Cooperative a company from Toomebridge were trying to get local restaurants to put eels on their menus. The venue was Deane’s Love Fish restaurant in Belfast. A great opportunity to meet up with like minded folk, put faces to Twitter handles and of course try some Lough Neagh eel.

Lough Neagh Eel

I must admit I was a little nervous about the latter particularly as there was talk of filming me trying eel for the first time no doubt to be broadcast on some sort of digital platform or other! I’m not gifted with the ability to hide my feelings very well, suffice it to say if I’m not an eel fan  it will be more than s little obvious.

What I Had

Some other dishes at the table

It turns out as Lough Neagh Eels claim, eels are indeed very tasty. I went for the eel fishcake, smoked salmon on wheaten with horseradish cream and a side of chips for good measure. I also got a taste of the citrus and Jawbox gin cured trout. Beautiful food and every dish was impeccably presented. For dessert it had to be the lemon tart though there was plenty of sharing so the champagne trifle and chocolate sponge were also fantastic.


The entire night was a real success, a class venue, superb food and it was a privelage to meet local business people and fellow bloggers.

Thanks to Shane at #nistartupshour for organising and Deane’s Love Fish for hosting.

River to Lough Festival

This weekend is the River to Lough festival being held in Antrim Castle Gardens. For more info go to


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