Salted Caramel Nation

So these days it seems that this flavour is taking over the world. Every coffee shop, deli, market and supermarket seem to be selling salted caramel something or other.

Many local food companies and producers have joined the party. So here’s some of my favourites you have to try if you’re a fan. And even if you’re not give them a try and you never know, you may be converted!…

…One of us!…One of us!…

Melting Pot Fudge from Blackthorn Foods (website)

Simple ingredients, simple packaging, simple production and mighty tasty fudge

Hotel Chocolat (website)

A chocolate lover’s heaven with a selection of salted caramel flavoured treats.

Ground Espresso Bars (website)

A definite favourite of mine, these bad boys are ideal with a nice strong americano. ‘Best Ever’ is probably a decent shout.

My posts on Ground & Ground@Waterstones


Pop Notch (website)

Locally made fancy popcorn. Very tasty, very moreish.


The Good Food & Wine Company (website)

Very light little bite sized macaroons.


Costa Coffee (website)

I’m not a huge fan of the coffee but I must admit their salted caramel muffins are excellent.

Doughzy Donuts (website)

From St Georges Market to its very own shop  in Belfast’s Smithfield Market, one of the wide range of flavours available.

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