Franklin & James

Franklin & James Espresso Bar, Bedford House, Bedford Street, Belfast

Now here’s a great spot if you’re a coffee nut. I don’t pretend to be an expert but I’m a lot more into my coffee than I used to be.

So this place is sparkling new, up on the mezzanine just inside the recently refurbished Bedford House just behind Belfast City Hall. Very modern, clean, bright and comfortable surroundings along with a very friendly team of baristas.

You have a choice of coffee bean which covers a broad range of tastes and includes a guest bean and a decaf option. Or, if you prefer they have a selection of Suki Teas or hot chocolate from the very nice Co Couture.


If you’re after a little something to eat there’s a choice of muffins, buns and other little treats.

Another fine spot in Belfast City centre for a classy cup of good coffee.

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