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Avoca Food Hall, Arthur Street, Belfast

So was back at Avoca for lunch yesterday with Nic and my wee Son. A really laid back space to spend your lunchtime in. Plenty of tasty looking food on display both to eat in and take home, salads sandwiches tray bakes and cakes to name a few.

Some of the Lunch Time options

I had my eye on the sausage rolls as Nic was calling out the scones they had ‘… roasted tomato & cheese…’ hold on, roasted tomato and cheese scone?! Have to try one of those! It came heated with Avoca’s own gorgeous tomato chutney. It was genuinely one of the best scones I’ve had.

What I had for Lunch

We shared a Crunchie rocky road and washed it down with a nice strong coffee. Needless to say my Son woke from his nap on the first bite as usual. Thankfully and to my utter astonishment he was behaving rather well (unlike before his nap).

 Some tasty Food to Take Home

An excellent lunch experience altogether and good value, 2 scones with butter & jam/chutney, 2 coffees and a tray bake for a nudge over a tenner. I would say I’ll have a sausage roll next time but if they have those scones I doubt I’ll be able to resist!

My first review of Avoca

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