AMPM, Upper Arthur Street, Belfast

AMPM had just celebrated its 14th Birthday the night before I wandered in at 8:30 in the morning for some breakfast. As is often the case, hearing that somewhere had been around far longer then I imagined made me feel rather old.

Much like the hormonal state of a 14 year old adolescent, this place is a real mix-up (of venues that is!). You have AMPM on the ground floor, a quirky, bohemian and unashamedly different bar, the famous Belfast Cabaret Supper Club above and the open air Tree House Restaurant at the top

So breakfast it was in the ground floor AMPM on a gorgeous bright Thursday morning in Belfast. Walking in you immediately notice the detail in the decor with hints of both the Cabaret Supper Club and the Tree House coming through. Hanging plants and hanging themed pictures on the walls makes it worthwhile taking a look around and giving it some attention, which I did of course, snapping away as I went.

I finally sat down, took a sip of the tea I’d ordered and studied the menu. A quite different menu which was nice to see. The usual small and large fry, scones, porridge etc but also a few dishes I’d not seen elsewhere. As the sun was shining in the Belfast sky it felt like summer had arrived so I decided to have a Californian Breakfast.

Now this is one of the different choices I mentioned. Homemade tomato bread, toasted with smashed avocado, vegemite (a first for me), leaves, pickled red onion, poached egg and parsley & lemon dressing. I was offered the addition of bacon which of course I accepted.

Now when they said you should ‘Eat like a King’ at breakfast i think this is what they meant. This thing was massive! not to mention a fantastic looking plate of food and I tucked right in. The whole meal was nothing short of superb. I thought the pickled red onion may overpower the other flavours but this was not the case. The tomato bread which is baked on site each day was very good indeed. As I munched away each bite was as good as or better than the last and at the end I was suitably stuffed and was ready to go back to bed never mind heading to work!

AMPM do a mean breakfast and it opens from 8am weekdays so time enough to sit and enjoy before heading to the office (and making everyone jealous when you tell them where you were).

Thanks to Rosalind and the folks at AMPM for a great brekkie, no lunch required!

 AMPM Website

Cabaret Supper Club Website

Tree House Restaurant Website


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AM:PM will feature on OhhSocial the app launches at the end of June and be offering – a real treat!

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Buy a burger from lunch time menu & get one free

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