Coffee Al Fresco

So Belfast and Northern Ireland as a whole is enjoying a rather strange and yet fantastic spell of sunny weather resulting in elevated moods, barbecues and paddling pools amongst other things.

One other inevitability is the lunchtime rush (by those unfortunate enough to be in work) to get to somewhere with outside seating to enjoy a coffee, sandwich or other while getting a nice dose of vitamin D.

So here’s a few suggestions of where to go for a wee break in the sunshine. Walking about the centre of Belfast taking these pics I realised choice is somewhat limited with many cafes having only limited seating outside. If you have anymore suggestions of where to have ‘coffee al fresco’ please leave a comment.

Robinson & Cleaver

Without doubt one of the best seats in the house when the sun is shining. The Terrace of Robinson & Cleaver gives you ample to nosey at being on the corner of one of Belfast’s busiest junctions at Donegall Place and Donegall Square plus an ideal view of our gorgeous City Hall.


Café Vaudeville

Whilst taking the form of a bar & club at night the ever popular Café Vaudeville on Arthur Street Is a great setting for an outiside coffee or cold drink, and if you fancy it, a bit of very nice chocolate cake!


The Grapevine

Serving up ‘Food with Soul’ this café in Pottinger’s Entry just off High Street is worth getting to early as the Lunchtime queue is often to the door. Sarnies and tray bakes aplenty in here, good coffee too.


The Bakery

Very fond of this wee spot on Howard Street, one of my earliest reviews. Friendly staff and tasty grub. Boasting the ‘best stew in Belfast’ but perhaps a little warm for that at the minute…

The Bakery

The Northern Whig

Perched on the edge of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter the Northern Whig has just reopened after a major refurb so be sure to have a wee wander round to see what they’ve done with the place, quite impressive.


So there’s 5 for starters (of course, there are more). Other recommendations welcome!

Lets hope the good weather lasts and enjoy it while it does! (don’t forget to slap on the sun cream!).

Just for good measure (and because there’s the option of taking away and parking yourself on the grass!), here’s that pic of Belfast City Hall again, looking glorious in the sunshine!


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