The Hoose Bistro

The Hoose Bistro, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast

So on a wee day off, me, Nic and my youngest little one headed to Hoose Bistro for some brunch. This little spot opened 2 and a half years ago in East Belfast, close to Ballyhackamore. And, whilst this distance puts it out on it’s own away from competition, it does mean that passing trade is at a premium.However, as you will read, Hoose has plenty to shout about.

First of all the staff are superb, very welcoming and chatty. The second we walked in we were seated and brought a large bottle of ice cold water and 2 frosted glasses, a very nice touch. Next a hot drink which was Suki Tea’s own Belfast Brew. Always good to see local selling local.

So much choice on both the breakfast (served all day) and the brunch menus so you can have anything from pancakes to a panini, a tough decision! In the end I fancied breakfast so ordered eggs benedict, Nic asked for a panini bur asked for bacon instead of the chicken given on the menu which wasn’t a problem.

Now, my wee Son who had been asleep must’ve heard the sound of his Mummy and Daddy relaxing and enjoying 10 minutes peace and thought ‘mmmm…I don’t think so!’ he sat up and poked his wee head out of his buggy not 10 seconds after wee finished ordering. Joy! Of course he didn’t know that we’d be perfectly fine keeping ourselves occupied ’til our food arrived but why do that when we could occupy him instead!?

So after a short wait and a few games of “Move things out of his reach before they get thrown across the room” Our food arrived.

Presentation was excellent particularly the eggs. Taste was even better, superbly poached eggs, yolks soft but not too runny, gorgeous Moyallon bacon, very good hollandaise  and a nice fresh muffin with some peppery rocket, yum!

I took a dander round once I’d finished as I do and discovered plenty more seating upstairs and some excellent art for sale on display. The decor generally is how I like it, individual and warm. The bookcase wallpaper and the traditional displays made it easy to relax, albeit with a 1 year old throwing food at you.

Another top up of Belfast Brew and we were just about done.

Price wise this place is very good value at around £13 for what we had. They also do a good evening menu and are byo drink with no corkage charge which is a good offer and one I would be happy to take them up on in the future.

Thanks to Sarah and her team in Hoose for their hospitality and good food.

The Hoose Bistro Website


The Hoose Bistro is a partner with OhhSocial.

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The Hoose Bistro offers with Ohh Social will be available from June 2016 including:

  • Buy The Hoose Breakfast and get one free
  • Buy an evening main and get one free
  • Buy a Chicken & smoke bacon salad and get one free

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