New Lunch Menu @ YAHI Cafe

YAHI Café, Great Northern Mall, Great Victoria Street, Belfast

YAHI Café in Belfast’s Great Northern Mall has been open for just over a year now and has quickly established itself as one of the coolest and most popular cafés around. Each day brings a queue of commuters awaiting their morning caffeine fix and often they’ll be tempted by something a little extra in the form of a tasty scone, sausage roll or granola pot.

Yahi Sign

With the use of money off coupons, free samples, tea & coffee for a penny on their 1st Birthday and active (and clever) use of social media, these guys know how to promote themselves well and the hard work has definitely paid off.

I’m sitting in the café now beginning to write this review and the 2 gents behind the counter, Brian and Stuart have not stood still for 10 seconds. Good food with a difference is definitely in demand in Belfast City Centre.

Yahi Lunch Menu
The Menu


So this time I was here being treated to YAHI’s new lunch menu which they launched just a few weeks ago. On offer you have the choice of 4 different sandwiches, ‘The Carolina Chick’, ‘The Gaucho Baguette’, ‘The Roasted Veggie’ and ‘The Herd’ plus a monthly special and a selection of superb salads

After a long hard think (and a Twitter debate) I finally decided it had to be the Gaucho. For salad I had kale, goats cheese & quinoa and parsnip with raspberry dressing.

The Gaucho was tremendous, served hot with deliciously cooked pork, strong but not overpowering pickled onion, mature cheddar, leaves and well finished with the herbs of the chimichurri dressing. The salads were also very good. The crunch of the quinoa & kale with the soft goats cheese worked well and the biggest surprise was the parsnip & raspberry, two flavours I would’ve never thought of pairing but it was excellent, tangy and refreshing.

Of course I couldn’t leave without something sweet so a nice gooey caramel square finished things off nicely. Next time you’re in Belfast nip into the Great Northern Mall and give YAHI a go.

Yahi Caramel_Square

A truly tremendous lunch from a great café. Thanks to the folks in YAHI.

YAHI on Facebook

My previous Review of YAHI

Yahi Cafe


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