Against the Grain – going gluten free at St George’s Market

So  another great trip to St George’s Market only this time to see what’s out there for those who eat gluten free. 11th – 17th May is Coeliac Awareness Week so off I went with my coeliac sibling to keep me right. Here are some of our finest traders and food producers who cater for those who go against the grain.

For Breakfast

So this yummy looking brekkie comprises of potato bread from the Gluten Free Patisserie, sausages from Hillstown Farm Shop and bacon (hidden under the bread) from Liam at the \belly Busters stand who also cooked the whole thing up for me. Cheers to these guys, it was very yum!


Gluten Free Cooking Demonstration

A very popular crowd gathering demo of cooking and sharing of experiences.

The Gluten Free Patisserie

Soda bread, potato bread, pancakes, wheaten farl and the flour to bake your own at home.

Hot Lips Natural Curries

Some tasty looking curries, Korma, Jalfrezi and Thai Green as well as Stew. Tried the Thai curry for lunch. Deliciously hot!

Curry Sauce Co.

A selection of curry sauces ranging from mild to ‘mouth on fire’. All but one (the Rendang) are gluten free.


Hillstown Farm Shop

Gorgeous gluten free sausages made to order. Tasted great with my bacon & potato bread for breakfast.



And for something sweet…

Check Out My Buns (brilliant name!)

Coeliac & vegan friendly bakery.

Melting Pot Fudge

This superb fudge comes in all different flavours from the traditional butter fudge to the more adventurous stem ginger and dark chocolate.


For more information on these and the other traders in St George’s Market visit the Belfast City Council Website at the link below.

A couple of resources on Coeliac Disease and gluten free living:

Gluten Free Ireland

Coeliac UK

2 thoughts on “Against the Grain – going gluten free at St George’s Market

  1. Hi Michael, good article – sorry you didn’t say “hello” when you were in the Market! That’s the 3rd year we have supported St Georges for Coeliac Awareness Week (it was actually 9th to 15th May this year but what’s a day between friends! 🙂 ) Caroline Wilson, who runs The Belfast Food Tour, had organised a Gluten Free tour around Belfast for Saturday morning and the tour visited the Market between 10 and 11 am but had left before we started our GF demo. (The Tour sold out very quickly and she hopes to repeat it later in the year.)
    The folks you mentioned in your article are all very good at GF food and know to avoid cross contamination which can be a big problem for Coeliacs!
    We will be running a GF Food Fair in Crumlin Road Gaol on the 17th September. You and your coeliac sibling might like to come along and say “hello”? If you log on to our website or watch our Facebook page there will be more details closer to the date. Cheers, Derek

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Derek
      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. You are very correct the issue of cross contamination is a major one for coeliacs. Growing up with one I’m well aware.
      The event was very good. It’s important to highlight coeliac disease and the differences between this and simply choosing a gluten free lifestyle.
      Thanks again and I will see what I’m doing in September.


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