Welly Weekend

So on Saturday I spent the morning and a good portion of the afternoon as it turned out, with my 2 boys in Belfast. The sun was shining and we were on a mission….in our wellies!

We were heading to the new Ground Café, a place I’ve visited a few times since opening and reviewed (of course!). I’d been told about a fundraising event they were holding for the RNLI. All the staff in every Ground Café would be wearing their wellies for the day and customers were encouraged to do the same.

Well, when I put this idea to my eldest he  was buzzing about the idea of wearing his wellies (therefore being able to jump in and run through puddles) and going somewhere to get fed, heaven in the mind of a 4 year old.

So into Ground we rolled, my wee toddler as well of course (no show without punch). He was having none of the welly wearing though and I wasn’t about to argue with him.

My boys have developed a recent liking for scones so the choice was easy for them. I went for a bacon bap which of course had to be shared 3 ways. Thankfully it was massive! A Belfast brew to wash it down and they kindly threw in a wee mini steamer with chocolate for my Son which made his day (except now he wants them made for him in the house thanks Ground!).

So after a nice munch, a read of a book some ipad distraction and a dart about the shop thwarting several attempts by my little one to escape outside, we were on our way to our next stop, St George’s Market.

Jam packed as ever it was a quickish visit this time round. The very nice lady at the Daisy Doodle stand let my Son help make his Oreo milk shake which (after a bit of pleading) I managed to get a taste of, very nice! A wee word with a few of the traders and it was time to go, but not before a chat with Tracey from Eva Paris who kindly gave us some of her tasty macarons to try, thanks Tracey.

Our final stop on the way back to the train was Belfast City Hall where the Lord Mayor’s Picnic was in full swing. A wizz round the stalls just for a neb and that was us. A sleeping baby and some tired little welly worn feet had had enough for one day.


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Thanks to Jess from Massive PR for sending me through the Ground Event Info 🙂

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