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So we leave behind April, what was Brewing and Distilling month of the Northern Ireland Year of Food & Drink and welcome the sobriety of May (hopefully free from hangovers).

Having tried and tested some of the local offerings I think it’s fair to say Northern Ireland more than holds its own when it comes to craft brewing and distilling.

I’ve been lucky enough over the past month or so to meet and speak with some of the best people in the industry. The dreamers, the creators, the ‘doers’ and the makers.

With every person there was a profound basis behind what they do. The pride of their local roots, the passion for tradition and the creation of something unique.

So here’s just a small taste of what’s out there. Next time you find yourself standing at a bar, ask for something local, give it a try and please feel free to leave me a comment, let me know what you had and what you thought of it. Enjoy! (…responsibly, of course).

Yardsman Lager

Brewed in the Hercules Brewery in Belfast, Yardsman is made using the simplest of recipes and is a tribute to the heritage of Belfast.

Read about when I met with Niall McMullan from the Hercules Brewery

Visit the Hercules Brewery Website at


Jawbox Gin

As with Yardsman, tradition is key to the making of Jawbox. From the name to the ingredients to the pairing with ginger ale.

Read about my chat with Jawbox’s founder, Gerry White.

Visit the Jawbox Gin Website at


Farmageddon Porter

The guys at Farmageddon Brewery in Comber have a very simple approach to brewing. Unfiltered beer with no preservatives. Below I’ve pictured their ‘Porter’ but they have a very good range of inventive craft ales.

Visit the Farmageddon Facebook page at


Hilden Brewery Barney’s Brew

A tribute to and named after the man who gave us the Belfast bap, this wheat beer is one of a handful of impressive concoctions from the folks at Hilden.

Visit the Hilden Brewery Website at


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