2Taps Winebar

2Taps Winebar, Waring Street, Cathedral Quarter, Belfast

So on a sunny (though slightly baltic) Friday evening in Belfast myself and a few work people headed out for a couple of drinks. This involved my first visit to two of the best known bars in the City, Kelly’s Cellars and The Sunflower.

I know I know, a disgrace that a man in his, ahem, early(ish) thirties had never sat in Kelly’s beer garden or passed through the famous caged entrance to the Sunflower. Of course there were photos taken and I felt like a right wee tourist in my own home town but hey, had to be done.

So after a quick drink in each it was off to 2Taps. Slap in the middle of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. Set back from the road on Waring Street (right across  from the Merchant Hotel), 2Taps has a great outdoor seating area for al fresco fans, complete with surround for privacy and a roof in case of any unexpected downpours, ‘coz we do get those here now and again. There was also live music going on outside.

Inside is very laid back. The decor is traditional and comfortable with an atmosphere to match. We had a booking and as would be expected they were ready for us. We were seated quickly and sorted for drinks ‘en seguida’ as they say in Spain.

The menu is an extensive list of various meat, chicken and fish tapas along with other Spanish cuisine and takes a while to get through. I guess what they say about tapas is you never know just how many to order. The general consensus seemed to be 2 or 3, so me being me decided to bump this up a bit and order 4!

I was in a seafood mood so ordered the salt & chili squid with cayenne mayo and the crab claws, a new venture of mine. Along with this went goats cheese (which I love) done 2 ways. After a bit of civilised ‘dinner with work folk’ nattering our food arrived and we tucked in.

The squid was very good, well cooked and I liked the large rings instead of little stringy, mostly batter ones. The crab was a strange experience and I was slightly self conscious eating the meat right off the claw but there you go. The goats cheese was excellent, a slightly acquired taste I guess but if you love it, they do it well here, wrapped in filo with sweet potato, caramelised red onion and tahini yoghurt. Other choices on the table included ribs, chicken and patatas bravas all of which looked very tasty.


So tapas devoured along came 3 paellas which a few people had ordered to share (nothing to do with me!). Well, I think we could have shared these with the entire restaurant. Huge dishes of gorgeous looking paella, bright colours and loads of flavour. We noticed the chicken & chorizo one was lacking chicken but this was quickly and apologetically addressed by the staff who were very attentive throughout the night.

Despite this blip the food and surroundings were very enjoyable. Bellies full with no room for dessert, we left in search of a seat in a bar at 9 o’clock on a Friday night? no chance!

2Taps is a great wee dinner venue and one I would return to without hesitation.

2Taps Winebar Website

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