Review | Wolf & Devour

Wolf & Devour, Donegall Quay, Belfast

OK first of all I owe these guys an apology as I’ve been meaning to try them for ages. So as it was pay day and the sun was shining it was off down to Donegall Quay.

Wolf & Devour serves up contemporary street food in what is now one of the most recognisable areas of Belfast, right beside the “Big Fish” at the River Lagan just across from Custom House Square.

The menu on offer is a varied one considering this is a kitchen in a van with one (very nice) guy called Ben (good name) making top notch food at speed. Occasionally the menu will change as he will try new things depending on season and feedback from customers. Today I was torn between the beef brisket and the harissa chicken flatbread, which won the battle this time.


The food from this street kitchen is locally sourced and freshly made every evening and every morning. From the batter on the chicken to the salsa, the slaw and the flatbread. Nothing is frozen and nothing pre-cooked.

Straight away this was evident when I took my first bite. The batter on the chicken was extra crisp. The slaw and salsa went well together and were both full of colour and flavour. All of this on a fresh warm flatbread with plenty of harissa mayo. A great job for just over a fiver.

WEolf & Devour Harissa Chicken
Harissa Chicken Flatbread

I stood just by the van at the wall of the foot bridge over the river eating my lunch, staring at the Big Fish and thinking “why?”. So I turned to who else but, Google. Here’s the story according to

“This 10m (32ft) salmon was commissioned in 1999 to celebrate the regeneration of the River Lagan and the historic importance of the site. The outer ‘skin’ is a cladding of ceramic tiles decorated with texts and images relating to the history of Belfast.”


I somehow passed over the sweet potato fries at the bottom of the menu, noticing them only after I had ordered. So I see no other choice but to return this week and try these also.

If you’re out a dander round Belfast’s Laganside head round to the Big Fish, take the obligatory photo and grab yourself some good street food from Wolf & Devour.

Wolf & Devour’s Facebook Page

Wolf & Devour Van

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