Learning How to Brew

YAHI Café, Great Northern Mall, Belfast City Centre

I had a great night on Wednesday at YAHI Café in Belfast. Their first home coffee brewing master class hosted by Gregory Wincenty – Cichy, the current Irish Aeropress champion.

We were taken on a journey through the various recipes and brewing styles used to make a great cup of coffee. Then we got to try them out for ourselves.

It was fascinating to see how the exact same coffee beans can taste so different depending on the brewing method used. We had a go at Aeropress, V60 and Chemex, my personal preference as it turns out!

The coffee is also greatly affected by the type and temperature of the water, how finely the beans are ground, the bean to water ratio and of course time taken.

It was a very interesting night held in a great Belfast café. Plus I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of fellow bloggers, Lynne from Eating Ideas and Ben from Coffee Shop Capers.

Thanks to YAHI for the invite and for a great night, will be making myself some very nice coffee this weekend. Come Monday though I’ll be back in for my usual from the experts!

My review of YAHI


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