St George’s Market

Another trip to St George’s Market on a day when it actually started to feel like Spring for the first time. The place was packed and there was a wonderful buzz in the air.

I love this place. I love the noise, the smells, the music and of course the food. A real proper showing of local people and businesses producing and selling some fantastic grub.

A room full of traders with each a story to tell. A tight knit community of good folk looking to provide for us lot no matter what we are after.

This time we helped ourselves to a tasty burger from Belly Busters, spicy jalapeño cheese and a few picks from Tom and Ollie’s Deli and of course a massive crepe from Crepes To Go.

Bellys full, balloons bought and faces painted (my son’s not mine, though I was tempted) we headed home and out for an afternoon bike ride in the Spring sunshine, but not before a cuppa tea and a sit downto watch Thomas the Tank Engine!


Will be back again next week to pick up my long overdue Norn Iron T-shirt.



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