Solo Kitchen & Bar

Solo Kitchen & Bar, Wellington Place, Belfast

So it was back to work after all the Easter fun days out (thank God!). So to relieve the BTW blues slightly Nic & I met for lunch at Solo Kitchen & Bar, my third trip to Wellington Place in quick succession.

A colourful, funky and deceptively big interior, the restaurant is spacious but keeps a level of intimacy with lighting, curtains and booths.

Service was excellent and we were quickly seated and seen to for ordering which suited as we were both starving and had checked the menu online in advance (greedy horses!). I went for the salt ‘n’ chilli squid with Asian slaw & chips. Nic got a veggie curry. After not too long a wait, the food arrived.

Both meals looked and tasted (coz I nabbed a bit of curry) fantastic! With plenty on the plate. The curry had loads of chunky veg, broccoli, aubergine & carrot plus others. The squid and slaw were gorgeous, nice and spicy with plenty of fresh diced chillies. The chips (given as ‘fries’ on the menu) were ‘proper’ chips, crispy outside, soft inside, just right.

Good show from Solo. I will be back for a full on dinner and a £5 cocktail! A bargain for a City Centre restaurant. I angled for one with lunch but Nic was having none of it…

Solo Kitchen & Bar website

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