Little Wing | Bangor

Little Wing, Main Street, Bangor, Co Down

Ah the Easter holidays! And therefore fun-filled family days out a must! Bangor was our 3rd trip in 3 days (which is a bit of a piss take to be honest but there you go…). The first 2 had been picnic affairs so today we thought ‘stuff it’ we’ll just have dinner out somewhere. Walking up Main Street we were headed towards Papa Joe’s but passed by Little Wing on route. So after a few shoulder shrugs and ‘aye ok’s in we went. Now, I had a few reservations about this as we had previously visited a Little Wing in Belfast and weren’t too chuffed about the service we received, but not tarring everyone with the same brush I remained positive. However, proceed with caution.

We couldn’t have picked a better time to walk in. We were a large group (Mum, Dad, Sis, Wife and my 2 beautiful monsters) and were seated quickly in a booth at the front of the restaurant. Aside from this the rest of the seating looked to be mostly 2s and 4s.

In rushed the dinner crowd immediately following us leaving the restaurant busy but far from full. Sadly, this meant we were forgotten about at the start, and generally throughout the meal and with 2 young, hungry little men or ‘bins’ as I call them, this isn’t too pleasant. Anyway we eventually got our drinks and ordered. As it was the holidays I went for a beer. A very nice beer as it turns out called Moretti’s. Very smooth & light, easy to drink and it went well with meal.

As for the food I went for a pesto pasta with pine nuts & parmesan (a lot of Ps in there) and Nic (the Wife) got pizza so we could share and try both (yes, ME sharing food…unbelievable!). The pasta was nicely cooked with plenty of flavour and came with 2 large slices of garlic bread. The pizza was very tasty. The base was fresh and there was plenty on top. My coeliac sibling said the GF pizza was very good and Dad inhaled the lasagne without complaint.

The waiting around did take away from the experience but the food was good and six mains with a drink each (including 2 large beers) was just over a tenner a head so not bad value at all.

Bangor has plenty of eating out choice for local Bangorians and day trippers alike. If you’re after something quick elsewhere may suit better but If you love your Italian Little Wing is definitely worth a go.

Little Wing website


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