Home Deli

Home Deli, Wellington Place, Belfast City Centre

Working in Belfast, I have passed by Home many times. It stands out with its large sign and unusual colour. I had also heard plenty of stories of people having been there for lunch, so I thought it was about time I had my turn (I’m a bit of a big child that way…).

I decided to take what was only a slight detour first thing in the morning and grab a coffee, just to have a neb at their breakfasts which looked very delish. As I was looking forward to a nice lunch I resisted and just ordered a very nice cappuccino, took a few snaps and went on my way.

So the deal with Home is there’s a ‘New York style’ deli at the front with ‘queue up and order’ going on and a restaurant at the back, sit down, menu, server etc etc. Both deli and restaurant have their own distinct look and feel, something which is quite hard to pull off given their close proximity but Home does it well. They also have a big variety of menus on the go with veggies, skinnies and gluten free all catered for.

On this visit after a little debate it was the bright and busy deli for us. I went for a chicken, smoked tomato & pesto melt & salad (choice of 2). You can add bacon (amongst other things) for an extra quid and a chicken breast for £2 which I thought was a nice touch. The melt was gorgeous, made by the smoked tomato flavour coming through as was the salad and the bacon (I just had to!) was crispy and went well with the salad.

Of course I had to go for something sweet after so a coconut & chocolate tray bake to finish things off made for a great wee feed.

Home website

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