Ground Espresso Bar

Ground, Wellington Place, Belfast City Centre

So we finally have a stand-alone Ground Espresso Bar in Belfast! In a great spot right in the middle of town no less. Having reviewed the Ground @ Waterstones before I was keen to see how this new one measured up. So I popped in for lunch on only their second day of opening.

A very different looking Ground to the In-Store relatives. All bare floor and wooden benches along with the large windows made it a bright, casual & cool place to sit and have bite to eat.

Along with the lunch options and very good choice of tray bakes etc. came some very bold claims as you will see from the pics. Anything that claims to be ‘Epic’ is s must try, so I went for a croque monsieur (took me a few attempts to spell that right…). Working my way along the counter I was asked by the young lady working there ‘would you like a wee tray bake or anything?’ Well, you didn’t think I was going to say no did you?! So I decided to try one of ‘the best caramel squares in the world’ accompanied by Suki Tea’s very own Belfast brew.

I have to say the claims are not completely unfounded. The croque monsieur (same again…) was gorgeous, well toasted which I like and with a few nice wee nachos and garnish with sweet chilli sauce. The ‘best caramel square in the world’, well, to be direct, it was! Perfect caramel to biscuit ratio, essential for any good caramel square. Tea was great, of course! All for just over 8 quid, a great wee lunch for a Friday!

It got busier as I sat there people watching out the window. All the good folk of Belfast as nosey as I was to see what the ‘new place’ was like. I’m sure they were as pleased as I was and like me, will be back again soon.

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