The Pizza Co.

The Pizza Co., Finaghy Crossroads, Belfast

Well another Saturday another indoor soft play for another child’s birthday! Funtastic being the venue this time around. Now let’s be honest, all soft play places are the exact opposite of taking 2 Anadin. If your head wasn’t hurting when you went in, it will be when you leave! Of course the boys had a ball and were well behaved so everyone was happy even me, as I sat in the car on the way home, head throbbing in painful silence (quite poetic…).

Anyway, reward came in the form of a takeaway (as nobody could be bothered making anything for dinner). Me, Nic, Brother-in-Law and his Wife were all starving. We were in the mood for Pizza and after a Dominos discussion decided we didn’t feel like re-mortgaging the house just to feed ourselves. So Pizza Co. was thrown into the mix and thumbs got a pressin’ to look up the menu.

This place does some very good meal deals including a 12’ Pizza, 10’ Garlic Pizza Bread, Fries, 2 Drinks & 2 Dips for £12.45! Bargain! We ordered the fiery garlic bread for an extra quid as we basically put jalapenos on everything.

We collected as it was a bit of a wait for delivery. All the food was piping hot and stayed that way until we got home.

My God what a pizza! Amazing, fiery garlic bread, gorgeous. Lovely dough on the base, not too tomato or cheese heavy, generous toppings (bacon, red onion and of course, jalapeno for us). The curly fries were crispy and tasty. The dips were a little small (minor point) so maybe ask for a few extra if you like your sauce.

We were very pleasantly surprised and stuffed our faces in stunned silence while watching Saturday Night Takeaway (Rock ‘n’ Roll people…).

Great pizza & great value, nice!

The Pizza Co. website

Pizza Co Sign

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