Pausa in Dunelm Mill

Pausa @ Dunelm, Boucher Road, Belfast

So on my latest excursion in an effort to keep my youngest little man entertained for more than 5 minutes (a mighty task in itself), we ended up in Dunelm Mill so he could hoover up a few snacks before nap time.

This was after a jaunt round Musgrave Park and a trip to Smyth’s Toy Shop where he took it upon himself to grab a toy trolley (or sometimes two) and whiz round the entire shop lifting things that were clearly not going to fit into the trolley, and trying to fit them into the trolley

Of course then I had to buy this big bit of plastic with wheels for the house, sure why not?!

After all this merriment I needed a sit down, so into Dunelm just next door. I had been here a couple of times before but honestly hadn’t paid much attention to what it had to offer. As it turns out there is plenty, including award winning sandwiches, wraps and paninis which all looked great and a well-stocked fridge of desserts & treats, which of course got my attention.

Huge pictures of Italian landmarks on the walls were nice to look at. I’m lucky enough to have visited Rome, so appreciated these.

I’m not usually an apple pie fan but when it’s topped with toffee it certainly adds to the appeal! It was delicious along with my usual, which was also very good.

If you’ve been shopping round the Boucher (be it for clothes, toys or a car…) this is a good place to stop off for a wee break.

After several games of fetch with my son’s dummy and anything else he could get hold of (me being the dog of course!) we were off again.

Pausa @ Dunelm website

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