Avoca Food Hall

Avoca Food Hall, Arthur Street, Belfast City Centre

So a friend from work was on the hunt for a really good piece of chocolate cake. it just had to be chocolate cake and absolutely nothing else would do. Did I mention this friend is 7 months pregnant and in no mood to be challenged about this, or anything else for that matter! Thankfully this was the sort of quest on which I was happy to tag along.

A walk through town brought us to Arthur Street. I’d heard that Café Vaudeville do a good dessert but in the end we went just next door to Avoca (maybe next time Café V).

Upstairs you have a choice between the laid back Avoca Cafe and the vibrant and lively Food Hall where we hoped to find chocolate Nirvana.

Avoca is a perfect place to go for a quick shopping break or a longer sit down lunch.

The savoury food did look great so I dare say I will be back for a proper lunch, and some chocolate cake of my own.

Avoca website



2 thoughts on “Avoca Food Hall

  1. Hey, I really like the reviews on your blog. It’s nice to someone local doing something good! I’ll have to check this place out next time I’m in town.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment.. Please share with others. And do give Avoca a try its very good!


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