Gillies Bar & Grill | Galgorm Resort & Spa

Gillies Bar & Grill, Galgorm Resort & Spa, Fenaghy Road, Ballymena

The Bowtie Blogger is on tour! A luxurious night away at the Galgorm for my significant other’s birthday included dinner in Gillies Bar & Grill, though I’ve  a collection of pics from throughout our stay in this review.

The Galgorm itself is 1st class when it comes to getting away from it all and relaxing. And although dozens of people sitting in their dressing gowns staring out the window at a river sounds very ‘one flew over the cuckoos nest’, it is what this place is all about.

This was far from my first time in Gillies so I was expecting big things, thankfully my expectations were met. The decor is warm and stylish in fitting with the rest of the hotel. I particularly love the various cows scattered round the walls and ceiling, the work of local artist Paul Bell of whom, I was told, the owner is a big fan. The service was excellent, professional and quick and we were well attended to throughout our meal.

Plenty of choice on the main menu and the same on the vegetarian and gluten free versions. Gillies’ portion sizes are very generous and the food is simply and cleanly presented with not a hint of pretension.

To start I had bang bang chicken and being a grill of course I had to go for a steak main, rump, done medium with garlic spuds & pepper sauce. My missus went for ceasar salad and prawn linguini. Everything tasted superb, the steak was juicy and tender and the prawns were succulent and full of flavour.

For dessert came a salted caramel cream pot with hazelnut shortbread, not what I would usually go for but it was very good. My wife’s chocolate cake was a little on the dry side but the ice cream & sauce made up for that.

Our meal was included in our overnight stay but prices are not too steep given the high standards of both food and service. Money well spent.

Gillies is a top place and I would find it very hard to pass it up for either of the Galgorm’s other restaurants. A fine place to dine.

The Galgorm website

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