bob & berts

bob & berts, Bow Street, Lisburn

So I finally get back to bob & berts for lunch. I’ve been here a couple of times before (pre-blogger) and always succumbed to the spiced sausage rolls which are delicious. This time however, against every fibre of my being I went for something else – ‘variety is the spice of life’ as someone once gabbed.

Whatever time of the day you visit bob & berts there’s plenty on the menu for you to drool over. Lunch options include melts, paninis, bagels, hot & cold salads or if you’re particularly famished the burgers and hot dogs sound great in a ‘full to bursting’ sort of way.

There’s also a very good tea, coffee and buns, bakes & cakes selection including iced coffee & frappes – choices choices choices! To top it all off they do milkshakes and ice cream sundaes (as apparently its Spring time now..).

After brief contemplation I was kindly hurried into a decision by my Son who was making his impatience well known whilst performing a Houdini act from his pram.

So a bbq chicken melt it was with my salad choices being herb potatoes and curried coleslaw (so not really salad at all!). This went down very well and the spiced sausage rolls were soon long forgotten. Lovely sticky sweet bbq sauce and scrummy curried slaw which will be an addition to all future lunches here.

Service and surroundings are a good standard and price is as you would expect.

A great wee place to sit and graze mid shopping and I will no doubt be back again soon.

bob & bert’s website

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One thought on “bob & berts

  1. Have been to Bob and Berts in Portstewart and enjoyed, so it’s good to know there is one so close. I must pay it a visit! Thanks for the heads up ☺

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