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Yum, Lisburn Road, Belfast

Well I’m back on the Lisburn Road already and with my Mammy again! Well, slightly obligatory this time as its Mother’s Day but this makes it twice in just over a week! Feast or famine as they say.

Both my beautiful children were with me this time (I love a challenge!) so lots of hungry mouths to feed. We grabbed a table just inside the door in what was a busy wee room. As we sat looking at the menu the place filled up and they were turning people away at one stage. We were just too early for lunch which started at noon (fair enough I suppose), so brunch it was, though my Son was.able to choose from the kids menu.

Good breakfast choices with healthy and vegetarian options as well as the good old Fry of course. Price wise everything was pretty fair. The team there were very friendly despite being faced with a full restaurant.

One lucky lady got some photography duties amongst it all as my Mother insisted on it (neither of my boys were too impressed by this). Anyway, snaps taken and family memories made (etc etc…) we got served in good time and tucked in.

The food was well presented and tasted great, the bacon & eggs were very good, as was the tea. No complaints from Mother or the kids either. My 18 month old did eventually start firing bits of pancake (and placemats, and cutlery) onto the floor, but that’s just a ‘phase’ I’m reliably told.

Satisfaction all round then from my debut trip to Yum and a strong candidate for a re-visit next time I’m in the vicinity. “Try it yourself” as Neil Buchanan once said in Art Attack (God I’m so old!).

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