Wagamama, Victoria Square, Belfast City Centre

So it’s Friday once again and after a long, hard (and rather strange) week for me I was looking forward to a nice lunch with two ‘work friends’ (I hate that phrase but hey ho). Wagamama is one of a good handful of restaurants in Victoria Square, all of which are patiently waiting on the upper floors for busy shoppers’ bellies to start rumbling, feet to start aching, kids to start whining or for the very unfortunate, all of the above.

Now, Wagamama of course is all over the UK, Ireland and further afield and would feature in the press as a place where celebrities would lunch with other celebrity chums. Sadly, walking into the only one of its kind in Northern Ireland I seen no sign of Julian Simmons, Q Radio’s Stephen & Cate or ‘Da’ from ‘Give my head peace’ chopsticks in hand stuffing their face with noodles and air kissing everyone

So, void of any celebrity, we sat down and were quickly distracted by an impressive menu (although in very small print). After some deliberation, and a bit of squinting we ordered. Wagamama cook all their dishes to order, this was barely 10 minutes for us as it turned out, nice!!

What was placed in front of us was some pretty good looking, good smelling and good tasting lunchtime grub. My prawn firecracker was excellent, nicely spiced and plenty on the plate. The chicken raisukaree was very nice, fragrant & not too sweet. And the tasty duck ramen would suit the starving as the portion is very large with plenty of meat in the bowl. Pricewise we averaged out at around £15 each (with a soft drink), a fair dent on the debit card for lunch but sure it’s a Friday treat

A very good experience indeed! Nice lively surroundings and you are well fed very nice food at speed. Wagamama calls itself “fresh, lively food (with soul)”, I think that’s spot on


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