Urban Retreat Coffee Company

Urban Retreat Coffee Company, Linenhall Street, Belfast

It was all busy busy at the wee Urban Retreat Café. I was very fortunate to walk in at the right time and get served very promptly.

I was all coffee’d out and after spying the Suki Tea menu board I went for a Belfast Brew (what else!?….). Now, only looking for something small and sweet I was faced with a dilemma

(albeit a very nice dilemma, if that makes sense..). Before me stood a counter filled with all manner of goodies, gooey, nutty, biscuity, chocolatey and all of them looked utterly yum!

After staring at this display for what seemed like an hour thinking ‘I wish I had one of these in my house’, I went for this sexy wee marbled brownie, which went very nicely with my tea

This place is very popular with lunch timers, a seemingly constant stream of customers for the 2 very nice ladies serving and working their socks off to keep the good people of Belfast fed & watered.

Sitting there amongst the busyness is something I quite enjoy, though if you’re looking for a wee nook for a read or a quiet chat all the tables are close to each other and the queue, though the high stools at the window are slightly more out of the way.

Aside from the plethora of treats on offer there was plenty of other good looking food both on display and flying out of the kitchen, plenty of choice if you’re after a decent breakfast or lunch and aren’t just a sugar junkie like myself

A great venue for a quick bite and a satisfied appetite, but be prepared to queue and/or take away, and allow extra time for decision making.


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