The Thinking Cup

The Thinking Cup, Lisburn Road, Belfast

I spent yesterday, a glorious sunny Sunday afternoon catching up with my wee Mum (aaawwww). To avoid any familial tension or awkward silence (and let’s face it, this will happen) I always bring along at least one of her grandchildren for distraction and we tend to meet on neutral ground.

Our usual venue of choice is somewhere on the Lisburn Road. Now we have of course been doing this for years but, whilst I’m in my mid thirties (just about), as a blogger I am barely 2 months old so I was looking forward to seeing how it measured up.

And so we dandered into the Thinking Cup. People of similar ‘maturity’ to myself will know this as ‘the place that used to be Roast’. These days it’s a hip, laid back cafe with a twist, which I’ll get into later.



The Thinking Cup offers pretty much what you would expect of most cafes. Good coffee, tray bakes, scones, sausage rolls, filled bagels as well as ice cream thrown in for good measure. This, along with friendly staff and good service make it a nice place to sit and have a yarn.

One slight let down was the lack of gluten free options for my coeliac sibling (who had also tagged along for the craic). Although they do sell gluten free, they had ran out when we visited.


Now as well as the Thinking Cup there’s ‘The Book Reserve’ an in house second hand book shop upstairs (which is also online) complete with cool surroundings and it’s very own reading room where you can sit in peace and get lost in a good Stephen King (one of the few authors who’s books I’ve actually read, I recommend ‘Thinner’, one of his Richard Bachman novels).

If you’re looking for a nice space to work, relax with a book or just relax with a nice cuppa, you wouldn’t go far wrong here.


The Book Reserve and The Thinking Cup are a social enterprise project. You can read more about this on the Book Reserve Website

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