Flame, Howard Street, Belfast City Centre

I was really looking forward to Flame, all reports had been positive plus I was meeting a good friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time which was great (apart from the fact that she hadn’t aged at all and I’m getting more grey by hour that is).

So in we went. Very nice surroundings, warm and roomy with nice decor. We were seated quickly, got a drink and after a brief(ish) natter, ordered.

Sadly what followed was a 40 minute wait for our lunch. Now this isn’t a huge amount of time at the end of day but too long for a chicken burger, fries and gnocchi in my opinion. Others who arrived after us were being served their meal and it took a gentle reminder to our server as we thought we’d been forgotten about.

Anyway the food arrived along with a quick apology. My burger was very nice, not the most adventurous choice I admit but I’m a sucker for anything with jalapeños. The gnocchi wasn’t overly generous when it came to taste but there was a good plateful, albeit with a lack of pine nuts which were promised on the menu.

We had no time for dessert but they looked impressive though the display did look a little out of place at the front of the restaurant.

A disappointing experience overall given my high hopes. The room did get more crowded as we sat so I guess they are doing something right.

Now I believe in second chances (unless of course something really horrendous happens) so I’d probably give Flame another go as the menu choice is good and very reasonably priced. But there are countless other lunching venues close by all competing for your attention, and your hard earned money.

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