Slums, CastleCourt, Royal Avenue, Belfast

So after a hard afternoon’s shopping with the Wife and Sproggs we end up in CastleCourt Food Hall for a late lunch and before me bright and gleaming stood a Slums, newly opened this month.

Now I love my Indian food and the Slums modus operandi has already been tried and tested at it’s other shop in Bruce Street.

Quick service as expected and a burrito that could’ve fed everyone in there and most people outside too (bowls & salads also served, me, I go for the bread). The more spice the better so it was masala all the way and a good dash of the naga sauce which is extra hot. Don’t wimp out on me here, this stuff is great and you have to try it at least once.

Ok the Food Hall in CastleCourt isn’t the most inviting place to enjoy lunch but it is what it is and hopefully Slums gets its fair share of hungry shoppers. For the full street food experience the other Slums is a short walk away through the buzzing beautiful Belfast City Centre.

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