Yahi, Great Northern Mall, Great Victoria Street, Belfast Ciy Centre

Well I’ve been looking forward to giving YAHI a full review for a while. If you follow me on Twitter (and why wouldn’t you!?) you’ll see I’ve been quite taken by this wee place.

Usually I’d be in for my morning coffee but today I tried their lunchtime out.

A good variety of nice breads packed with even nicer fillings all memorised and well recited by Brian. I chose the beef, mustard relish & tomato ciabatta (which was the first one Brian told me about, hopefully he wasn’t too annoyed!).

Plenty of salad and sweet things served too. Of course I couldn’t leave without a dessert which was Portuguese tart, not something I’d normally go for but very nice none the less..

Now you will pay a touch more than in some other places but YAHI prides itself on doing things a little differently, something I find very appealing, as do many others evidently. This along with the service and the very good in house wifi means I’m happy to spend my money here

Despite having 2 of the ‘Big Chain’ coffee houses nearby for company, YAHI does what it needs to do and then some.

Good stuff YAHI, be seeing you again soon I’m sure.

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