Docs Chippy | Newcastle

Docs, Main Street, Newcastle Co. Down

Ah good old Newcastle. Where you went when you were wee, during the summer of course. Something however, led us to venturing here in mid-February. Now anyone who’s been here knows the weather is always worse than wherever in Northern Ireland you were coming from and today I think there was an extra special effort made for us. Below you’ll see a pic of the Mourne Mountains!… trust me they are there somewhere!


Anyway after the obligatory walk round the amusements and a trip to Bon Bon, we clambered into Docs narrowly avoiding man flu (I’m not dramatic at all!).

Docs is a chippy & bistro ‘famous for’ its fish. A good main menu and plenty of specials on but I eventually gave in to the fame claim and got the cod bites.

Docs Fish

Now we don’t do family days out by halves so there were 4 big mouths, 1 small mouth and 2 baby mouths to feed. The baby mouths were making a lot of noise (as they often do). The waitress came and asked about bringing their food out first which was very nice (it’s the little things). The service all in all was attentive and quick with not too big a dent on the finances at the end

As far as chippies go the food was very good. Crispy batter on the fish, nice curry sauce, well-cooked chips and generous helpings of all of the above.

These days’ visitors to this seaside town have a good variety of cafes & restaurants to choose from so competition is tough, but this place is well worth popping into for a feed and judging for yourself.

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