Daltons | Lisburn

Daltons, Bow Street, Lisburn

So here I am in Daltons, one of Lisburn’s most popular go to places for lunch with a robust reputation and a life size statue of Betty Boop at the door. What could possibly go wrong?!

In this build your own sandwich deli you can choose from a list of boldly named specials such as the Big Smoke, the Dalton Flame and the Daddy of them all, the Big D! I’m partial to my bbq sauce and smoked cheese (who isn’t?) so the Big Smoke was my weapon of choice.

Big Smoke

One thing that will never disappoint here is portion size. As you can see my sub is filled to bursting, though if you’re looking for something a little less ‘man vs food’ (I love that show) there’s something for you, like a soup and sandwich combo or a coffee and treat. This along with a good steady service and friendly staff makes for a reputation well deserved.

Soup Combo

I’m a frequent flyer in this place and I’m sure I’m far from being alone. I left feeling as stuffed as my sandwich was.

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