Café Continental

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Café Continental, Blackstaff Square, Belfast City Centre

Back on dry land after my wet weekend trip to the seaside and my first go at a coffee van. Café Continental sits in the middle of Blackstaff Square, just off Great Victoria Street, outside Fibber Magee’s bar. A densely populated area as far as coffee sellers go and along the main commute for many public transport users (like myself).

A very pleasant gentleman named Paul owns and runs the vintage van serving up good coffee and a fine choice of stuff to accompany it. Now, being into my value for money and with a mouth full of ‘sweet teeth’ I went for coffee and this very large very delicious muffin, both for less than £4. I also like to see the 5/5 hygiene rating which you will do here.

Next time you’re on your way to work, grab a coffee from Paul & tell him I sent you.

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