The Bakery

The Bakery, Howard Street, Belfast City Centre

This little café seems to have been hidden in plain sight from me until a couple of weeks ago when I made my first visit and here I find myself back again already.

Clearly I’ve been missing out judging by the constant stream of people at the counter, managed well by the friendly bunch serving them. Seats here are like gold dust with only 4 small tables inside and 3 smaller outside (not in February thank you!). We were lucky to get a good people watching perch by the window.

As well as the 3S’s (sandwiches, soup and salads) amongst other things this place boasts the ‘best stew in Belfast’, quite a claim.


I went for a cappuccino and the humble tray bake which hit the spot as well as being excellent value. Along with tea and a scone the damage was just over £5, good for round these parts.

‘Lovely place for lunch’ (as my significant other said) or a shot of caffeine and a natter but be prepared to take away, wait to sit in, or go al fresco if your brave. Oh, and if you have the stew, marks out of 10 please!?

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