Ground Espresso Bar | Waterstones

Ground Espresso Bar, Waterstones, Fountain Street, Belfast City Centre

Now, I love my coffee so naturally my first review is going to be a coffee shop. Sadly over the last few years it’s become more of a necessity than a pleasure but hey, that’s parenthood for you.

So I find myself at Ground tucked inside Waterstones in Belfast. I’ve been here a couple of times before, It always makes me feel slightly more cultured, being surrounded by full, high bookcases, while drinking coffee, stuffing my face with cake and checking Twitter!


This place is clean, warm & welcoming. The staff are friendly and as you can see from the pic, quite talented. You will also spot a very generous slab of carrot cake which I actually had to share, very unlike me. There was plenty more on offer if you’re not into your hit of vitamin A. The free WIFI kept up with my finger tapping which was also a plus.

Coffee & cake both went down very well making for a good experience albeit a short one. I could’ve happily sat for the rest of the afternoon but I will be back for more.

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